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Property Management Success Stories

Our 35+ property portfolio includes garden style, vintage and urban mid-rise assets. Among the eighteen mid-rise urban properties we manage, there are several that we were involved with from inception to the current long-term management presence. Included were the periods of development consultation, lease-up and stabilization.

an aerial view of an apartment building on a city street

Micro Apartment Community Management at Sedona Apartments

Sedona Apartments, developed and managed by Epic Asset Management, stands as a testament to the success of micro apartment communities in urban settings. Its innovative concept, strategic location, and commitment to sustainability and resident satisfaction have led to high occupancy rates and financial success. Epic Asset Management remains adaptable to changing market conditions, regularly assessing rental rates, and making strategic adjustments to meet evolving demand.

an exterior view of an apartment building with a lawn and trees in front of it

Increased Rental Income & Tenant Retention in Everett, WA

Camelot Apartments, managed by Epic Asset Management, serves as a testament to the positive impact that strategic property management and well-planned improvements can have on a midrise apartment community. The addition of a package locker room, renovation of the indoor pool, enhancements to common areas, and apartment updates have collectively improved the quality of life for residents and contributed to the property’s success. The property has experienced positive financial performance, with increased rental income and improved tenant retention.

a row of apartment buildings with a sidewalk in front of them

Responsible Property Management for Vintage Apartments

Carolina Court Apartments, owned and managed by Epic Asset Management, exemplifies how a specialized team of Vintage property specialists can successfully preserve and enhance historic properties while ensuring their long-term sustainability. By striking a careful balance between preserving the vintage charm and introducing modern amenities, Epic Asset Management has contributed to the preservation of Seattle’s historic communities and demonstrated the value of responsible property management in maintaining the soul of urban neighborhoods

a living room with a fireplace and chairs

Strategic Apartment Renovation Yields Financial Success

Excalibur Apartments, managed by Epic Asset Management, serves as an exceptional case of how strategic property management and thoughtful renovations can elevate an apartment community to a finalist for Renovation of the Year. The addition of a package locker room, lobby transformation, common area upgrades, and apartment renovations have collectively enhanced the quality of life for residents while contributing to the property’s financial success and recognition in the industry.