Epic Asset Management creates value for residents, team members and owners throughout the Greater Puget Sound region. The Epic collection of communities encompasses a variety of settings and styles. Our focus is directed towards the quality of experience and value that we provide to residents.



Our company is all about energy. Epic employees are electric, smart and fun, approaching their responsibilities with a sense of purpose and excitement!



We love that our business is driven by human relationships. By hiring, training and supporting the best employees, we are able to deliver uncommon results and responsiveness to our residents and clients.



Just because we’ve been around for a while, doesn’t mean we’ve settled into old, familiar ways. We are constantly evaluating new technologies, processes and ideas that add efficiency and value to every facet of our operations.



Our job is to maximize value creation for our clients. We do this by bringing an owner’s perspective, derived from four decades of local market experience, to every decision we make.